Flutter is based on widgets.

A widget has two things those are the current configuration and the current state.

Here the flutter developer has mentioned 10 basic widgets which you can use frequently.

1. SafeArea:

This widget is used to make dynamic and adaptive UI for users on different devices.

2. Expanded:

The expanded widget is used to use the extra space between children or handle.

3. Wrap:

The Wrap widget is used to arrange the extra children vertically or horizontally without any error.

4. Opacity:

You can use the opacity widget as a property of an image or an animation.

5. FutureBuilder:

FutureBuilder lets you easily determine the current state of a future and show the progress of data loading.

6. FloatingActionButton:

FAB is already created when we initiate the application. It’s a widget of the Scaffold main widget.

7. PageView:

PageView widget is used to create views which contain in two pages.

8. Table:

The Table Widget provides consistency.

9. FadeInImage:

You can use a FadeInImage widget to show a placeholder until you complete the download.

10. StreamBuilder:

Dart has support to use this asynchronous stream of data using streams. You can utilize this function on Flutter using the StreamBuilder widget.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Check out the full article here.

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